Day 13 – Beara Peninsula, Cyclists, Kenmare Stone Circle

It was very rainy and windy so we didn’t get out of the car much on the Beara Peninsula. The drive around the peninsula is supposed to be similar to Slea Head drive and the Ring of Kerry but not quite as good. The Beara Peninsula is touted as the 3rd choice of peninsula drive to do behind Slea Head and the Ring of Kerry and since we have the time we thought we might as well go for it.

It was basically a rainy windy drive around a peninsula. There were a few scenic overlooks where the weather was nice enough for us to get out and get some decent pictures but it wasn’t nearly on par with the Ring of Kerry or Slea Head drive.

We did have a cool moment at the end of the peninsula drive right before starting back to Kenmare: we approached a left turn and were forced to stop and wait for a few minutes while a hundred or so cyclists went flying by with their police escort and team cars loaded with bikes and supplies trailing close behind. It was like a mini-Tour de France passing by right in front of us.

We did stop in Kenmare on the way to the Beara Peninsula for some more chocolate muffins, though, and mine was delicious! The mocha I got was also pretty good (compared to other mocha’s purchased here and in the UK) but sadly I haven’t found anything that matches the taste of a Starbuck’s mocha (no whip, no foam); it’s probably due to Starbuck’s using a ton of sugar whereas places and food here are sugar-lite. (Things are a lot less sweet here than in the USA.)

After completing the Beara Peninsula we came back through Kenmare and hit up the Kenmare Stone Circle which was a decent (and close!) stone circle. It was still raining off and on so we headed back to Killarney.


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